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Southern Hive Honey Company is the place for honey connoisseurs. We offer, primarily, single nectar source honeys (varietals) and also some multi-floral varieties, however we tend to stay away from infused honeys. You may be amazed at the incredible number of different honeys that are out there…2000 worldwide and over 300 are produced in the U.S. alone, lucky us!! Any tree, shrub or flower that produces nectar can, with the help of our 'oh so industrious business partners, produce honey. Although not all of these nectars make a palatable honey for humans there are plenty that do and we try to give each of them their time in the sun. Honeybees pollinate over 1/3 of the foods we eat and with Florida being an agricultural state there are a plethora of local honeys that we love introducing to the public. Along with local Florida honeys, Saw Palmetto, Tupelo, Black Mangrove and Gallberry to name a few, we also offer rare honeys from around the country Yellow Star Thistle, Pine Barren, Dandelion and Fireweed are some of my personal favorites and only grow in a few states. There are however, still more sought after, honeys from around the globe that grow on islands or small regions like Tasmania, Scotland and Morocco giving us Leatherwood, Heather and Carob honeys respectively. Over 90% of what you will find on this site is pure delicious honey, sold in many different forms, but if its honeycomb, chunk honey, liquid or crystallized, lightly heated or cold spun, it’s always “nothing but nature” and leaps and bounds ahead of what you might find on the shelf at your local grocer. Nearly all of our honey is considered “living honey” meaning it still retains all of its pollen, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that other honeys lose from being boiled and blended. The other 10% of the site includes new and vintage honey pots, honey dippers, honey spoons and beeswax candles that burn cleaner and longer than paraffin wax candles, not to mention the naturally wonderful aroma. We also offer a Honey-of-the-Month club so you can taste a new honey varietal each month and an Adopt-a-Hive club, allowing customers to help save the honeybee while getting to taste the honey from the hive that they helped to care for. Southern Hive Honey Company also offers a Honey Tasting Party Kit with everything needed to host a delicious party with unique flavors from around the world. I hope I have given you a colorful description of what we're all about, without making your honey-tooth, ache too much! Remember, Southern Hive Honey Company – Nothing but Nature.

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